Wood-Smoked Perch


  • 2 perch fillets (about 200 g/7 oz each), skin on
  • Salt cure
  • 1 kg (2 lb 4 oz) pine timber or apple timber


Gently rub the perch fillets all over with the cure mixture and place on a wire rack. Leave to cure for 1 hour and then rub off the cure.

To build a smoker, take a deep oven tray and build a small fire in it with the timber. Smother the fire by putting a flat tray on top of the deep tray, locking in all the smoke. Lift off the flat tray and put the wire rack with the perch fillets on the smothered fire. Replace the flat tray to lock in the smoke. Leave for about 20 minutes. Remove the rack and perch, and build another small fire in your deep tray. Repeat the process twice more, until the perch is smoked to your taste.

Plants to Finish


Rocket (arugula) flowers and stems

Enoki mushroom tops, dressed in olive oil and salt