Crisp Noodle Cake

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Chinese Technique

By Ken Hom

Published 1981

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Crisp Noodle Cake is made like a potato pancake. The two sides are brown and crisp, while the inside stays moist and soft.

Use very thin egg noodles. In Chinese markets they are called “Hong Kong-style” or “extra-thin chow mein.” Fresh or dried vermicelli can be used, too. If you use dried noodles, boil them first for half the time you’d normally cook them; drain and proceed with step 2.

This dish is often called Hong Kong Fried Noodles or in restaurants, PanFried Noodles.


  • 1 pound fresh thin noodles
  • ¾ tablespoons peanut oil
  • cup chicken broth


  • Method: Pan-frying

  1. Blanch 1 pound fresh egg noodles in boiling water to wash away the starch and to loosen them up (about 2 minutes). Drain them well.

  2. Scatter the noodles in a baking pan. Use a pair of chopsticks and your hands to untangle them as much as possible.

  3. Put a layer of the noodles 1 inch deep in each of two large heavy skillets. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil and cup chicken broth in each. Cook over a low flame until the broth boils away and the bottom becomes brown and crisp. From time to time add a little oil and broth to keep the noodles moist and allow the crust to develop slowly. This should take about 10 to 12 minutes.

  4. To flip the cake, first shake the pan to make sure the cake is not stuck to the bottom. (If it is, dribble some oil around the edge to loosen it.) Cover the pan with a wide lid.

  5. Flip the skillet over, holding the lid firmly.

  6. The cake will drop onto the lid.

  7. Slide the cake back into the pan to brown it on the other side. Add more oil around the edge if it seems to be sticking. To serve it, slide it out onto a plate and use it as a base for any dish with sauce, such as Beef with Asparagus or Braised Spareribs served with vegetables. Or serve with the following topping: