Mushrooms in Caroenum

Apicius 7.13.4

A simple and delicate way to serve mushrooms. The recipe includes no fish sauce or salt and I prefer to add one or the other as well as pepper to finish the dish properly.


  • 250 g open field mushrooms
  • 100 ml caroenum
  • generous freshly ground black pepper
  • a small handful of coriander sprigs
  • salt or a splash of fish sauce


Peel large mushrooms and cut into thick slices. Put in a pan with the grape syrup and pepper. Cut the leaves from the coriander and fold the stalks into a bundle and tie with kitchen string. Put in the pan with the mushrooms and bring to heat and simmer until the mushrooms have lost their firmness and shed all their fluid. Remove the bundle and add a little fish sauce, a dessert spoon or so, to season them. Chop the coriander leaf and sprinkle over the mushrooms to serve.