Fillets of Sole with Mushrooms


Buy some ready-prepared fillets of sole. Buy at the same time half a pound of mushrooms.

When you reach home, cut off the sandy base of the mushroom stems. Wash them in plenty of water, and throw this away together with the sand it contains. Begin again. Do not peel them, it is a waste of time – and mushroom. Cut them in slices. Wash them once more and lift them out of the water. Dry them. Put a frying pan with a piece of butter the size of a large nut on the gas. When it is smoking, put in your four fillets of sole. Warm for a minute. Turn. Cook for a moment. Add the mushrooms. Turn the gas full on. The mushrooms ooze water. Salt. Pepper. Add half a wineglass of dry white wine. Let it boil hard. The water evaporates. The ten minutes are over. Reduce the heat. Add a piece of butter mixed with a little flour. Let it melt, stirring all the time. Pour it into a dish. Serve.

After cooking there should be just enough juice to make sufficient sauce. So watch and regulate the evaporation carefully.