Steamed Rice Rolls with Vegetables

Loh Hon Zai Cheong Fun


Preparation info

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Cooking oil
Carrots 115 g, peeled and julienned
Dried black fungus 20 g, soaked to soften, drained and julienned
Cabbage 40 g, julienned
Firm bean curd 115 g, julienned
Glass vermicelli (fun xi) 20 g, soaked to soften
Dried lily bulbs 20 g, soaked to soften and tough ends removed
Stock 3 Tbsp
Corn flour (cornstarch) a pinch, mixed with some water


To Taste

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Sesame oil
  • Chinese hua tiao wine

Rice roll batter

Rice flour 60 g
Wheat starch flour (dung meen fun) 20 g
Salt a pinch
Cooking oil 10 ml
Water 180 ml


Superior stock 60 ml
Light soy sauce 30 ml
Dark soy sauce 30 ml
Sugar 30 g
Sesame oil to taste
Ground white pepper to taste


  • Prepare sauce. Combine sauce ingredients and cook until slightly reduced and well blended. Set aside.
  • Heat some oil and sauté carrots, black fungus, cabbage, bean curd, vermicelli and lily bulbs. Add stock and seasoning to taste. Thicken lightly with corn flour mixture. Set aside.
  • Mix rice roll batter ingredients with sufficient water to form a paste that is not too thick or thin.
  • Set a shallow, oiled tray or plate over rapidly boiling water.
  • Pour a ladle of batter over tray or plate and spread evenly. When batter is almost cooked, spoon some filling on one side.
  • Remove tray or plate from heat. Use a dough scraper to quickly and lightly roll up rice roll, starting at the side with filling. Place rice roll on a serving plate and continue to make more rice rolls until ingredients are used up.
  • Spoon sauce over steaming hot rice rolls and serve immediately with lightly blanched vegetables as preferred.