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    320 g

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East by West

East by West

By Jasmine Hemsley

Published 2017

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Welcome to the Goldenspoon! This immune-boosting elixir served on a spoon was my signature recipe at the pop-up cafe. The eye-catching and oh-so-delicious paste was ordered by everyone in the know – and everyone who just had to know, as little dishes of Goldenspoon circulated and people demanded it by the jar. Not Makes 320 g only do ground turmeric and black pepper have excellent antioxidant benefits, but also black pepper contains the active ingredient piperine, which enhances the bioavailability of curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric.

Coconut oil also helps the body to absorb the benefits of fat-soluble turmeric and makes for a smooth and creamy paste that you can also use as a spread. Since coconut oil is cooling, in winter I switch to avocado oil, which also thickens in the fridge, although it becomes more syrup-like than a paste.

Goldenspoon needs to be kept in the fridge, so be sure to enjoy it slowly, savouring the flavour and warming it up before it hits your belly and your digestive fire! You can also enjoy this paste in warm water or almond milk, but make sure it is not too hot and avoid using dairy milk – in Ayurveda, combining honey and dairy milk is a ‘no-no’. Always allow the mixture to cool down before adding the honey, because it’s also important not to heat honey.