Cheddar-Type (1)


For a cheese of about 2½ lb.: Take 3 gallons of hand-skimmed milk from 3 consecutive milkings, i.e. 1 gallon from each. Warm it to 80°F. and then add ½ teaspoon plus 2 drops rennet per gallon, stirring it well into the milk. When set, cut the curd into large dice with a long-bladed knife. Warm it again slowly until the whey rises well. Gently bale off the whey from the curd; this can be done with a cup. Add 1 tablespoon coarse salt to curd, and with a milk skimmer or shallow wooden scoop put it into a steamer top (the part with holes in it) lined with muslin. On top of this fit a cake tin pierced with holes (a size to fit into the steamer), and set a heavy flat-iron in the centre of the cake tin or some other suitable weight wrapped in kitchen paper or clean cloth. Leave this overnight for the whey to drain away. Next morning replace muslin with a dry piece. Next day again, take the cheese out of the steamer, wrap it in dry muslin, replace it between two boards with the weight on top. Drying it with a rough cloth, turn it daily, until dry. If the cheese is inclined to crack, rub it with salt and then once more rub it with a cloth to dry. About the fourth day, bind the cheese tightly round with a strip of calico or bandage. This will keep it from becoming too flat under the weight. Leave bandage on till the cheese is matured.