Double Cream Cheese


Take off the thickest cream into a clean can and stand this in a pail of cold water for several hours, then drain it through a fine longcloth spread over a wooden bowl or board. Use another board to press out superfluous moisture when drainage has taken place. Drainage and pressure should be gentle at first otherwise the pores of the cloth get filled with the cream. The cloth should be opened out once or twice and scraped during the first hour, after which the top board should be weighted. If the cream was thick and was well cooled before draining it should be ready to mould in 3–4 hours’ time after weighting. Small moulds are used lined with strips of muslin or parchment paper for cheeses that are intended for sale, and a wooden palette knife is used for filling these; but for household use they would not be necessary as the cheese can be served on clean green leaves or in fancy dishes.