Poussin Crapaudin au Foie Gras

Spatchcock Poussin with Foie Gras

The week I acquired poultry shears virtually anything on legs was spatchcocked – poussins work especially well. Use the edges and fat from foie gras, not the prize centre, for the recipe.


  • 2 poussins
  • salt, milled pepper
  • 30 g(1 oz) foie gras
  • 30 g(1 oz) butter
  • a few drops of brandy, marc or lemon juice


Use shears or strong scissors to cut up through the backbone of the poussins. I think this gives a more delicious result than cutting through the breast bone. Place each bird flat on a roasting or grilling pan and season with salt and pepper.

Place the birds under a hot grill for 20–25 minutes, turning them over once.

Meanwhile cream the foie gras with the butter and brandy, marc or lemon juice.

When the meat on the birds is almost cooked and only clear juices run from the leg, spread the foie gras over the skin side of the poussins. Grill for a further 5–7 minutes. Serve straight away with a green salad.