Terrine d’Écrevisses aux Petits Légumes


Prepare live crayfish and boil them for five minutes in a spicy crayfish fumet.

Take them out and shell.

Strain the fumet and reduce it. Check the seasoning, add gelatine and allow it to stand for a while.

Poach separately the spinach, carrots, celery and green beans in salted water. Plunge into cold water—so that they keep their fresh, natural colours—then cut into small dice.

Line a terrine with successive layers of crayfish tails, each of the vegetables and poached truffles. Cover with the crayfish fumet and chill.

Before serving the terrine, prepare a tomato concassée which is reduced until it takes on the consistency of a sauce. Add fines herbes. Slice the terrine and serve it with this tomato sauce.