Aiguillettes de Col-Vert aux Mousserons des Prés


Remove the duck livers and put them through a sieve with some foie gras; keep to one side in a cool place.

Roast whole seasoned ducks in a hot oven with ground-nut oil for about twenty minutes. Remove the ducks from the oven and let them stand for an hour. Carve off the wing ends, breasts, the legs and the two filets mignons (‘oysters’) and put to one side.

For the sauce break up the necks, legs and the carcass with a cleaver and put them into a saucepan. Heat, and when they are cooked golden, pour off the fat and deglaze with brandy. Add red wine and some demi-glace, chopped shallots and a bouquet garni. Add water to completely cover the bones. Simmer for an hour.

Pass the stock through a sieve. Rinse out the saucepan and return the stock to reduce to an essence. Then pour in crème fraîche double; as the sauce comes to the boil, add the pounded duck livers. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Cut each skinned duck breast into five aiguillettes.

Cook mushrooms in a frying-pan with butter until they are lightly browned; at the last moment, add chopped shallot and parsley.

Put the mushrooms in the middle of a warm serving plate and arrange the aiguillettes and filets mignons around them.

Put the wing ends on the top of the mushrooms, reheat the dish in the oven for a few moments, then pour sauce all round it. Serve the rest of the sauce hot in sauceboats.