Yeast Cake Stuffed with Raisins

Per Fare Tortiglione Ripieno

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Great Cooks and Their Recipes

Great Cooks and Their Recipes

By Anne Willan

Published 1977

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Scappi’s varied recipes for tortiglioni show how advanced his pastries had become. This particular recipe closely resembles a coffee or tea cake. Scappi’s instructions are rather hard to follow, but his aim is obviously to produce a rich, spiced mixture between layers of thin yeast dough.

Knead together 2 pounds flour, 6 egg yolks, 2 ounces rose water, 1 ounce yeast dissolved in lukewarm water, and 4 ounces fresh butter or lard that does not smell bad, and quite a bit of salt, for half an hour so that the dough is well worked, and then roll it out thinly and cover with melted butter, that is not too hot, or lard, and with the pastry wheel cut all round the edges of the dough that are always thicker than the rest; sprinkle the dough with 4 ounces sugar, and 1 ounce cinnamon, and then have a pound of raisins that have been boiled in wine, and 1 pound of dates also cooked in wine and finely chopped, and 1 pound of seedless raisins boiled in wine, all mixed together with sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, and then spread on the dough with pieces of butter, and roll up the dough lengthwise like crêpes, being careful not to break the dough, and this tortiglione must not be rolled up more than three turns so it cooks better, nor handled too much, but then basted with melted butter that is not too hot, then beginning from one end roll it up lightly like a snail or maze; and have a pie pan prepared with a sheet of the same dough, of the same thickness, basted with butter, and put it lightly over the tortiglione without pressing it down, and cook in the oven in a moderate heat, basting with butter from time to time, and when it is cooked sprinkle with sugar, rose water, and serve hot. The pie pan used for the tortiglione should be open and with low sides.