Calgionetti Abruzzesi

Calgionetti Abruzzesi


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4 Grosvenor Square

4 Grosvenor Square

By Danilo Cortellini

Published 2016

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Calgionetti Abruzzesi are sweet deep fried ravioli, made with egg-free pasta and filled with chestnuts, almonds and cocoa. Simply delicious. It is a great dairy free alternative to most pastries. These are best to be made in chestnut season, from late October until Christmas; during the festive weeks these amazing treats are always on my table.


For the Filling

  • 500 g chestnuts
  • 20 g coffee powder
  • 50 g cocoa powder
  • 100 ml sambuca liquor
  • ½ orange, zest
  • ½ lemon, zest
  • 40 g honey
  • 125 g roasted almonds, chopped
  • 50 g dark chocolate, chopped


Start with the filling. Roast the chestnuts in a pan on a high heat or in the oven at 220°C until they are burnt all around the skin.

Peel them and boil in water until soft.

Remove from the boiling water and mash the chestnuts while still hot.

Mash well and then combine with the coffee and cocoa powder, the Sambuca, the grated orange and lemon zest, honey, roast almonds and chocolate.

Knead well in a bowl until it creates a tough dough. If the dough is not wet enough, add a spoon of water.

Now, prepare the pasta by kneading the flour, olive oil and wine together. Make sure the dough is lump free to create a smooth and elastic pasta. If too wet, add flour.

Roll the pasta out into very thin sheets with a pasta machine.

Prepare the ravioli. Divide the filling into each raviolo, weighing approximately 15g each.

Once the ravioli are filled, cover each one with another sheet of pasta.

Heat the vegetable oil and allow it to reach 170°C.

Fry the ravioli in the oil, a couple at a time.

Turn them upside-down and as soon as they are golden all around, strain from the hot oil.

Pat dry with kitchen paper and sprinkle right away with sugar.

Serve warm or store for a couple of days and serve at room temperature.