Méidaillons de Veau St. Fiacre

Tournedos of Veal

The garnishings for this dish are ambitious. Do them first.



  • 6 fried bread rounds
  • Butter
  • Potatoes Parisienne
  • 6 artichoke bottoms
  • Assorted diced spring vegetables
  • Salt and sugar
  • Cassolette cups
  • 6 veal tournedos
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • ½ cup chicken stock
  • ½ cup Madeira
  • Beurre manié


  1. Cut 2-inch rounds of bread from firm-type bread. Butter, then fry in skillet. When brown, put on a cooky sheet and set in 250-degree oven to keep warm and to dry out.
  2. Prepare ½ recipe of Potatoes Parisienne. If using fresh artichokes for preparation. If using canned, wash them in cold water and sauté in a chunk of butter.
  3. Dice vegetables uniformly. Use carrots, green beans, peas and turnips. Cook together in water seasoned with a chunk of butter, salt, and 1 teaspoon sugar. When done, drain, sauté in butter, and keep warm. These will be spooned into cassolette cups or spooned onto the platter. If you have a cassolette iron, make the cups now.

  4. Veal tournedos may be bought at fancy food shops, or ordered from fancy packers. However, if you can’t get them, buy 6 (¾-inch-thick) cutlets, and de-bone them. Sauté these medallions in oil and a chunk of butter. Lightly brown, then cook about 10 minutes on each side. Serve these medium-well done, or pinkish. Put on hot platter when done.
  5. Add stock and Madeira to skillet. Boil 5 minutes, then thicken with beurre manié. Slide toast rounds under each veal medallion.
  6. Top each with an artichoke bottom. Fill with potatoes and spoon sauce over potatoes.
  7. Put vegetables into cassolette cups and set on platter, or spoon them around the veal.