Baron of Rabbit with Home-dried Tomatoes


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Keep it Simple

By Alastair Little and Richard Whittington

Published 1993

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Most of Europe loves rabbit, but the British remain ambivalent This could be because people alive in the Fifties still remember the vile effects of myxomatosis, the biological weapon that ravaged an out-of-hand rabbit population, or it may be because of Beatrix Potter. Richard suggested calling this dish Mr McGregorā€™s Rear Ends of Cottontail and Peter, but accepts this may be a tad anthropomorphic. On that subject, get the butcher to lose the heads which, skinned, are enough to put anybody off meat for life. I believe it was just such a head that was used for the horror exiting through John Hurt's diaphragm in Alien.

In the restaurant we tend to cook the saddle of the rabbit - the ribcage to the legs -boned and rolled as neat ballotines, but this is time-consuming and not an easy butchery assignment I suggest instead that you roast the baron of the rabbit This means the whole of the rabbit bar the forequarters (i.e. from the rib cage forwards) which you use when you make the sauce). If using saddles you will need 1 per person: cooking barons will give you enough from two rabbits for four to six people.

Since fresh rabbit is virtually fat-free, it must never be allowed to overcook or it will dry out.