Kratong Cocktail Cups

Kratong are little batter cups which originate in Thailand. A pie tee mould looks like a mini fluted fairy cake tin on a long handle. To speed up the process of making these cups, 4-cup pie tee moulds can be bought from most Thai grocers.


  • 90 g/3 oz rice flour
  • 90 g/3 oz plain flour
  • 2 cups cold water
  • oil for frying


Add the water gradually to the sifted flours, stirring until smooth. Heat vegetable oil for deep-frying and dip a pie tee mould into the hot oil for a couple of seconds or so. Remove the mould from the oil and immediately dip it into the batter. Do not allow batter to get inside the mould. Then dip the mould back into the oil and fry until the batter cups are crisp. Gently remove the cups from the moulds. This operation takes a bit of time to master, but is easy once you get the hang of it.

To serve, fill each cup with a teaspoonful of the Thai pork mixture. Decorate in the same way, that is with a little chilli and a coriander leaf.