Stovetop Pork in Balsamic Vinegar


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Limoncello and Linen Water

Limoncello and Linen Water

By Tessa Kiros

Published 2012

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This is my friend Lisa’s recipe. Everybody loves it when she makes it and they always say, ‘There’s hardly enough left for panini tomorrow!’ And it’s true, the leftovers and sauce stuffed into a panino the next day are exceptional. After the long cooking the pork is so tender that it’s served more in pieces than slices. I love it with Salt & pepper potatoes with a trickle of buttermilk and a green salad.


  • 1.2 kg (2 lb 10 oz) boneless and rindless pork loin
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns, crushed coarsely
  • a clump of sage leaves (about 6 leaves)
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and lightly squashed with the flat of a knife
  • 185 ml (6 fl oz/¾ cup) balsamic vinegar (a regular one will do)


Tie up the pork or ask your butcher to tie it for you so it holds its shape neatly. Choose a pot that is not much larger than the pork so the sauce is not too shallow. Pour the oil in and heat well, then brown the pork on all sides, including each end. Salt the browned sides well and turn the pork around in the pot to seal in the salt.

Sprinkle the pepper over all the sides of the pork. Add the sage and garlic to the bottom of the pot and let them fizzle up and give out their flavours. Then, add the balsamic vinegar and let it bubble up. Cover with the lid and turn the heat down to an absolute minimum, hardly bubbling. Use a simmer mat if you have one. Simmer for 3½-4 hours, turning the pork over with tongs every half hour or so and adding just a little water if it looks too dry. The meat is ready when it comes away easily when you pull at it, and when the sauce is glossy and reduced.

Remove the pork to a chopping board. If the sauce is not abundant, add a little water to the pot and return it to the heat for it to bubble up. Remove the string from the meat, cut it up and serve with a good amount of sauce.