Peas with Butter

Petits Pois au Beurre; or, Petits Pois à l’Anglaise


If using tinned peas put the tin containing them in the bain marie to get quite hot, strain off the liquor and mix with each half pint one and a half ounces of fresh butter and a pinch of castor sugar, toss up together and serve on a hot dish. If using fresh peas take the peas as freshly gathered as possible, shell them and keep them covered with a damp cloth till required to be cooked, then put them in a stewpan containing boiling water, a good sized whole onion and a small well washed lettuce tied up with a little mint, season with a little salt and cook for about fifteen minutes. Strain carefully and mix with butter as for tinned ones. If the peas are desired plainly boiled, cook them in the same way and serve without the butter &c.