Purée of Green Peas à la Flamande

Purée de Petits Pois à la Flamande


Take one and a half quarts of perfectly fresh peas, put them into a stewpan with two ounces of butter, one finely sliced onion, one very crisp and dry fresh lettuce, twelve heads of fresh asparagus, having taken off the points, which must be plainly boiled and used for garnishing the purée when dished up, and a good bunch of mint, and tie the shells of the peas up in a piece of clean muslin and place them on the bottom of the stewpan; then put in about one pound of home-made pork sausages and a quarter of a pint of cream, place the cover on the pan and let the peas draw down on the side of the stove for about three quarters of an hour, giving the pan an occasional shake while the peas are cooking; when they are tender remove the packet of shells and the sausages and keep the latter hot till wanted; add to the peas left in the stewpan a quarter of a pint of cream that is mixed with two ounces of fine flour and stir all well together till the mixture boils, then let the contents cook on the side of the stove for about five minutes and rub the mixture through the sieve, make it hot in the bain marie and turn it out on a hot dish in a pile, and garnish it round with the sausages and points of asparagus, and serve while quite hot.