Peas au Gras

Petits Pois au Gras


Take one quart of freshly shelled peas, rinse and stew their shells in a quart of water with a sprig of mint and a few fresh lettuce leaves, cooking them for about half an hour; then strain the liquor into a stewpan on to the shelled peas and a very finely minced onion and a sprig of finely chopped green mint; add a quarter of a pound of streaky salt pork that has been cut up in little dice shapes, and boil together for half an hour; then mix in one ounce of fresh butter worked up quite smooth, with one ounce of fine flour and a half gill of Veloute sauce; boil up together and add a pinch of castor sugar, then turn out on a hot dish and garnish with little fried potato straws that are perfectly crisp.