Peas à la Windsor

Petits Pois à la Windsor


Put two ounces of butter into a clean stewpan with one pint of freshly shelled peas, a little bunch of green mint, one whole onion peeled, a quarter of a pint of cream, and one small well washed crisp lettuce that is very finely shredded, and a pinch of castor sugar; cover up the stewpan and let the contents cook for fifteen to twenty minutes on the side of the stove, giving it an occasional shake while it is cooking. When the peas are cooked remove the onion and mint from the pan and strain three raw yolks of eggs that have been mixed with two large tablespoonfuls of cream and a pinch of salt on to the peas, and shake the pan about until the contents are like thick cream; then dish up the peas in the centre of a border of Purée of spinach that is arranged with a forcing bag and a large rose pipe, and serve quite hot.