Seakale fried. Cream Sauce

Chou de Mer frit. Sauce Creme


Prepare some seakale as in the recipe, and when cooked drain it well and season it with chopped eschalot, chopped parsley, a little mignonette pepper, and a little lemon juice; let it lie in this seasoning for about one hour before frying, then split the sticks into two or three pieces, sprinkle each over with a little fine flour and dip into a whole beaten up egg and into freshly made white breadcrumbs, roll them with the hand carefully so as to make the crumbs appear smooth, then put them in a frying basket or frying rack and place it in a pan containing some clean boiling fat, and let it fry for eight to ten minutes till a pretty golden colour; take up and dish on a dish-paper, garnish the centre with fried parsley and serve very hot with cream sauce in a boat, or it may, if liked, be poured round the dish, when the paper would be dispensed with.