Seakale with Butter Sauce

Chou de Mer. Sauce Beurre


Take some nice fresh seakale, trim off the root and rinse well from grit, arrange the pieces evenly together and then tie up in a bundle, and leave it in clean cold water till ready to cook; then put the seakale into a good sized stew-pan with plenty of boiling water seasoned with a little salt and lemon juice, and cover the pan partly with the lid, and let it boil for thirty to thirty-five minutes, or even longer if not tender; take it up with a slice on a sieve or cloth and let it drain, placing a clean damp hot cloth over it to keep it quite hot; dish it up on a slice of plainly toasted bread, cut the string and draw it carefully from the seakale, and serve with plain melted butter sauce over it or in a sauceboat. This vegetable should be served boiling hot.