Broad Beans à la Crème

Fèves à la Crème


Take some fresh broad beans and proceed as in recipe for blanching and shelling them, and boil them for about fifteen minutes, then strain off from the water. For one and a half pounds of the beans, when shelled, take three quarters of a pint of single cream, one large onion finely minced, and a bunch of herbs, and boil for about twenty-five to thirty minutes with the pan covered tightly down, then remove the herbs; fry one and a half ounces of butter with one ounce of fine flour in a separate pan, pour the liquor with the onion on to it and stir till it boils; then add this to the beans and give the pan an occasional shake until the sauce re-boils, then add a tablespoonful of finely chopped tongue or lean cooked ham; turn out on a hot dish, and garnish round with slices of crisply fried bacon, and serve very hot.