Braised Leeks with Poached Eggs

Poireaux braisés aux Œufs pochés


Take some nice fresh leeks, cut off the tops, tie up and blanch them, then put them into a stewpan to fry with a little sliced onion, carrot, and turnip, and a bunch of herbs, a few black and white peppercorns, a blade of mace, and one ounce of butter; fry all together for about fifteen minutes, then add a quarter of a pint of stock, cover the pan down with the lid and braise for one and a half to two hours, adding more stock as that in the pan reduces; take up, remove the string, and split in halves (or quarters, if large), smooth out with a knife, roll up and place each piece on a little round croûton of fried bread, lightly glaze over each piece of the leek, and then dish up; straight down both sides of the dish and down the centre arrange a row of poached eggs that are sprinkled over the top with a little finely chopped lean ham or tongue, strain the liquor in which the leeks were cooked, and make it hot, and serve round the dish.