Leeks à la Méditerranée

Poireaux à la Méditerranée


Take some perfectly fresh young leeks, and trim off the tops; cleanse them thoroughly from grit, and tie six or eight together with a string, and put them into a saucepan to blanch, take up and put them into a stewpan with enough chicken, veal, or rabbit stock to cover them, place a cover on the pan and let them cook till tender, which will take two to three hours according to their age; then take up on a plate or dish and untie and separate them, split each leek open, and fill them inside with cooked sausage meat, placing a piece in each about the size of a finger, fold each leek into its natural form, and roll it into fine flour, then into whole beaten up egg and into freshly made white breadcrumbs, and fry in clean boiling fat for about eight to ten minutes, and dish on a hot dish and serve with slices of cooked sliced tomato in the centre.