Small Fried Onions

Petits Oignons frits


Put some small white onions that have been peeled into a stewpan with cold water and a little salt, and bring them to the boil; then strain and put them into a clean stewpan to cook for one hour with two ounces of butter (for one quart of onions), the juice of a lemon, and a quarter of a pint of white stock, cover the pan over and let them cook steadily on the side of the stove; take up when tender, and roll them in finely chopped parsley, and then into fine flour and whole beaten up egg, and place them in a frying basket, and fry them in clean boiling fat till a pretty golden colour; dish up on a bed of crisply fried parsley, and serve at once, with the following sauce in a boat: Take the liquor in which the onions were cooked, and mix it with a gill of reduced Veloute sauce, boil up, tammy, and use.

These are also very good to serve as a garnish with rump steak or roast mutton.