Purée of Turnips à la Crème

Purée de Navets à ta Crème


Peel and wash two pounds of turnips; if large cut them up in pieces; put them into enough cold water to cover them, with a pinch of salt; let them come to the boil, then strain off the water and put them into clean boiling water seasoned with a little salt, and cook till tender, which will take fifteen to twenty minutes; strain and press the water from them, rub them through a wire sieve, and put the purée into a stew-pan with a tablespoonful of fine flour that has been passed through the sieve, one and a half ounces of butter, a pinch of castor sugar, a dust of white pepper, and half a gill of cream; stir together till it boils, then turn neatly on to the dish, and form a border round it with shreds of turnip cut in Julienne form and plainly boiled for about ten minutes, then strained, and sprinkle lightly with finely chopped parsley. This will make a dish for five or six people. If liked, a tablespoonful of thick Bechamel sauce can be used instead of the flour. This can be served for luncheon or dinner with the Remove or with cutlets or mutton chops.