Artichoke Bottoms en Robe

Fonds d’Artichauts en Robe de Chambre


Take some cooked artichoke bottoms (these can, if liked, be bought already prepared in tins), season them with a few drops of lemon juice and chopped parsley; have some very fresh and very small eggs poached, and place one of these eggs on each artichoke bottom; care must be taken that the egg does not break; cover the egg over entirely with a light purée of cooked chicken or white meat, using a bag and plain forcing pipe for the purpose; make the purée of chicken quite smooth over the top with a knife which is occasionally dipped in boiling water, and then stand each artichoke bottom containing the egg and the purée on a little round fried croûton; place these on a baking tin in a moderate oven with a well greased paper over the top of them, and leave them in the oven for about ten minutes; sprinkle them with a little chopped tongue or ham and parsley; stick a little sprig of tarragon in the top of each, and dish up on a dish-paper or napkin, and serve for second course or luncheon dish, or for an entrée.

Purée of Chicken or White Meat

Pound half a pound of cooked white meat with two tablespoonfuls of thick Bechamel sauce, one dessertspoonful of tarragon vinegar, one ounce of butter, a little white pepper and salt; when pounded smooth rub the mixture through a coarse hair or fine wire sieve, put into the bain marie, and make quite hot, and use.

See engraving.