Artichoke Bottoms à la Barigoule

Fonds d’Artichauts à la Barigoule


Cut the top ends from the globe artichokes and put them in a stewpan to blanch, with plenty of cold water, a pinch of salt, and the juice of a lemon. When they come to the boil strain, and then put them again in boiling water, seasoned as before, for ten minutes, and boil; take up, pull out the choke, and drain. Put in a saucepan half a pound of chopped ham or bacon, about one ounce of fresh butter, and a teaspoonful of good salad oil, with a pound of fresh mushrooms (that have been well washed and all the water pressed from them), and one eschalot, both chopped fine, and a good dessertspoonful of chopped parsley; season these with a little salt and half a saltspoonful of mignonette pepper, and fry all together for about five minutes; let them cool and add two raw yolks of eggs; then with this mixture fill up the space of the artichoke (from where the choke was removed), and tie them up with string. Put in a stewpan two ounces of butter, one onion sliced, half a carrot sliced, a little bunch of herbs tied together, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf; put the prepared artichoke bottoms in this, and cover over with a buttered paper; put the lid on the pan and fry for about fifteen minutes, then add two or three tablespoonfuls of good stock; braise for about three quarters of an hour; dish up; strain the gravy from the braise, remove the fat from it, and boil it up with three or four tablespoonfuls of good brown sauce, and serve round the artichokes quite hot.