Artichoke Bottoms à la Morny

Fonds d’Artichauts à la Morny


Take the tinned artichoke bottoms, allowing one to each person, make them hot (by standing the tin in the bain marie), then strain and dish up on round croûtons straight down the dish on which they are to be served, and pour the sauce over the artichokes, and then over the sauce pour the cheese mixture and brown it all over with the salamander; garnish the edge of the dish with finely chopped parsley, and serve very hot.

Fresh artichokes can, if liked, be used instead of the tinned ones.

Sauce for Artichokes

Half a pint of thick Veloute sauce mixed with two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese, stir till it boils, tammy and use.

Cheese Mixture for Artichokes

Three ounces of Gruyère or other cheese cut up in thin slices, mixed with two tablespoonfuls of thick cream and a tiny dust of cayenne; stir in a stewpan over the fire till the cheese melts, and use at once.