Vegetable Marrow, Stuffed and Fried

Courge à la Moelle farcie et frite


Take a very small vegetable marrow for this dish, peel it carefully, so as to keep it a nice shape, then cut it level at the ends, and scoop out the inside. Put it to cook very carefully for twelve to fifteen minutes in a stewpan, in plenty of boiling water, with a little salt; take up with a slice, and place it in a basin of cold water, then drain. Put four ounces of chicken or rabbit, or any white meat, pounded till smooth, with one large tablespoonful of thick Bechamel sauce, two raw yolks of eggs, and a tiny dust of cayenne pepper; pass this through a fine wire sieve, put it into a forcing bag with a large plain pipe, and fill up the marrow with it; then roll it in flour, and brush over with the whole beaten up egg; roll in breadcrumbs, and fry a nice golden colour in clean boiling fat; dish on a napkin or dish-paper; garnish at both ends with fried parsley. This can be served for luncheon or a second course dish.