Vegetable Marrow Fried

Courge à la Moelle frite


Take some very small fresh cut vegetable marrows, peel and remove the seed part, cut them in pieces about two inches long and two inches wide, then rinse them in cold water, in which leave them till ready to cook, then put them into a stewpan with boiling water seasoned with a little salt, boil for about fifteen minutes, then take up carefully, drain, and season with a little salt and pepper, pour over them a little warm butter, and dip into fine flour, then into whole beaten up egg, and then into freshly made white breadcrumbs; put into a frying basket and fry for about five minutes in clean boiling fat till a pretty golden colour, then dish up on a dish-paper in a pile on a hot dish, and serve at once while perfectly crisp from the frying. Garnish with fried parsley.