Egg Plants à la Rohan

Aubergines à la Rohan


Take six or eight egg plants, pull their stems off and split them in halves; take out the insides and chop them up very finely, and mix with it the following: A sprig of tarragon and chervil chopped fine, two washed fresh mushrooms, a good pinch of salt and white pepper and a small onion finely chopped, and fry these all together in two tablespoonfuls of good olive oil for about five minutes, then add twelve raw bearded sauce oysters that have been cut up into little dice shapes, and two ounces of fresh French roll that has been steeped in half a gill of boiling cream; mix up all together with two raw yolks of eggs and the juice of half a lemon, and re-fill the egg plant cases with the mixture and place them in a buttered sauté pan with three or four little strips of finely cut fat bacon over, and put into a moderate oven for about fifteen minutes. Put the liquor and beards from the oysters into a stewpan with a sliced onion and half a pint of new milk, let this simmer on the side of the stove for about fifteen minutes, then mix it on to two ounces of butter and one and a half ounces of fine flour which have been fried together; stir together till it boils, then add a wineglass of Chablis, two tablespoonfuls of cream, a dust of cayenne pepper, tammy, and add a pinch of chopped tarragon and chervil; dish up the egg plants en couronne and pour the sauce round them.