Tomato Salad à la Couronne

Salade de Tomates à la Couronne


Make half a pint of thick mayonnaise sauce, to it add a dust of castor sugar, a saltspoonful of chopped tarragon and chervil, four large raw tomatoes that have been peeled, pips removed, and cut up in little dice shapes, and a good quarter of a pint of aspic jelly while still liquid, and put the mixture aside on ice in a cool place till it begins to set. Take some little red-edged soufflé cases, and fasten round each a strip of foolscap paper to stand about one and a half inches above the top of the case so as to form a cylinder; the paper can be fastened with a little sealing-wax; when the mixture is beginning to set pour it into the cases so as to come about an inch up the paper cylinders higher than the top of the cases, put them aside in the refrigerator or in ice to get ice cold and set; remove the strips of paper, put a teaspoonful of chopped aspic on the top of each, and sprinkle over it a little finely chopped tarragon and chervil. Dish on a dish-paper, and Serve for second course, luncheon, or supper dish.