Chicory à la Theodore

Chicorée à la Theodore


Take five or six heads of chicory, put them in cold water for an hour or so before cooking, then take off the outside leaves which can be used up for making a purée soup; put the best parts of the chicory into a stewpan with plenty of boiling water and a little salt and boil them for about twelve to fifteen minutes, then take up and drain off all the water by pressing them between two plates or in the cullender until quite dry; chop the chicory up very fine and put it into a sauté pan with two ounces of butter and two finely chopped eschalots, season with a little pepper and salt, and a tiny dust of nutmeg, add a tablespoonful of flour and stir together till it boils, then mix into the purée a quarter of a pint of very stiffly whipped cream, and turn out on a hot dish and garnish with quarters of cooked plovers’ eggs when in season; when these are not to be had, use slices of hard boiled chicken’s eggs, and serve very hot.