Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Choux de Bruxelles au Lard


Put to soak in cold water, with a little salt, for about one hour, one pound of Brussels sprouts, small and trimmed; then put them in boiling water with a little salt and a tiny piece of soda, and boil them for about fifteen minutes; take them up and drain them on a sieve. Cut up about six ounces of bacon or ham into small dice shapes and fry them till crisp, but do not discolour them; take up the pieces of bacon and put the sprouts in the same pan with the fat from the bacon; sprinkle in a little dust of pepper, and fry the sprouts for about five minutes; then sprinkle in the pieces of bacon and turn the whole on the dish for serving, dust it over with a tablespoonful of grated Parmesan cheese, and serve. This can be served as a second course vegetable or with removes.