Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan

Choux de Bruxelles au Parmesan


Trim one or two pounds of Brussels sprouts and let them, lie for about one hour in cold water with a little salt, then put them into a stewpan with sufficient fresh cold water to cover them, a little salt, and a tiny piece of soda; bring them to the boil, strain off the water, rinse them with cold water and put them into a stewpan with water, salt, and soda as before, and let them boil for twelve to fifteen minutes; then strain them carefully on a sieve, taking care not to break them at all; butter the bottom of the dish on which they are to be served, and put into it about two tablespoonfuls of Parmesan sauce, then a layer of the sprouts, and over them a little more sauce and a little grated Parmesan, continuing the layers till all the sprouts are dished up in a neat pile; then pour the remaining sauce over it, and sprinkle it with a little of the grated Parmesan cheese. Stand the dish on a baking tin with hot water round the dish, and let it stand thus in the oven for twelve to fifteen minutes; if it is not then of a pretty brown colour, brown it with the salamander or in front of the fire. Arrange a border of fried croûtons about one inch in length round the sprouts, and serve hot either as a second course or luncheon dish.