Parsnep Soup


  • Butter, oz.
  • parsneps, 2 lbs.: ¾ hour, or more.
  • Stock, 1 quart
  • 20 to 30 minutes 1 full quart more of stock
  • pepper, salt: 1 minute.


Dissolve, over a gentle fire, four ounces of good butter, in a wide stewpan or saucepan, and slice in directly two pounds of sweet tender parsneps; let them stew very gently until all are quite soft, then pour in gradually sufficient veal stock or good broth to cover them, and boil the whole slowly from twenty minutes to half an hour; work it with a wooden spoon through a fine sieve, add as much stock as will make two quarts in all, season the soup with salt and white pepper or cayenne, give it one boil, skim, and serve it very hot. Send pale fried sippets to table with it.

Obs.—We can particularly recommend this soup to those who like the peculiar flavour of the vegetable.