Excellent Potato Flour, or Arrowroot

Fecule de Pommes de terre


Grate into a large vessel full of cold water, six pounds of sound mealy potatoes, and stir them well together. In six hours pour off the water, and add fresh, stirring the mixture well; repeat this process every three or four hours during the day, change the water it night, and the next morning pour it off; put two or three quarts more to the potatoes, and turn them directly into a hair-sieve, set over a pan to receive the flour, which may then be washed through the sieve, by pouring water to it. Let it settle in the pan, drain off the water, spread the potato-sediment on dishes, dry it in a slow oven, sift it, and put it into bottles or jars, and cork or cover them closely. The flour thus made will be beautifully white, and perfectly flavourless. It will remain good for years.

Obs.—This admirable farina, or starch of potatoes, is now much more widely known and vended in England than it was some yean since. It can at present be procured at most foreign warehouses and general grocers’; but we would recommend its being home-made by the directions given above, which we have had closely followed for many years with the best possible success.