Tartar Mustard


  • Durham mustard, 4 oz.
  • salt, large teaspoonful; cayenne, or chili vinegar, 1 dessertspoonful
  • horseradish vinegar, third of pint.


Rub four ounces of the best Durham mustard very smooth with a fall teaspoonful of salt, and wet it by degrees with strong horseradish vinegar, a dessertspoonful of cayenne, or of chili vinegar, and one or two of tarragon vinegar when its flavour is not disliked. a quarter at a pint of vinegar poured boiling upon an ounce of scraped horseradish, and left for one night, closely covered, will be ready to use for this mustard, but it will be better for standing two or three days

Obs.—This is an exceedingly pungent compound, but has many approvers.