German Pudding, and Sauce. (Very Good.)


  • Milk, pint
  • rice, 3 oz.; 1 hour, or more.
  • Suet, 3 oz.:
  • sugar, oz.
  • candied peel, 1 oz.
  • sultana raisins, 6 oz.
  • eggs, 3 large: 2 ½ hours,


  • sherry, 2 glasses
  • sugar, oz.
  • Yolks of eggs, 3
  • little lemon-juice.


Stew, until very tender and dry, three ounces of whole rice in a pint and a quarter of milk; when a little cooled, mix with it three ounces of beef-suet finely chopped, two ounces and a half of sugar, an ounce of candied orange or lemon-rind, six ounces of sultana raisins, and three large eggs well beaten, and strained. Boil the pudding in a buttered basin, or in a well-floured cloth, for two hours and a quarter, and serve it with the following sauce:—Dissolve an ounce and a half of sugar broken small in two glasses of sherry, or of any other white wine, and stir them when quite hot, to the beaten yolks of three fresh eggs; then stir the sauce in a small saucepan held high above the fire until it resembles custard, but by no means allow it to boil, or it will instantly curdle; pour it over the pudding, or, if preferred, send it to table in a tureen. We think a full teaspoonful of lemon-juice added to the wine an improvement to this sauce which is excellent; and we can recommend the pudding to our readers.

We have already, in a previous part of the volume, directed that the German sauce should be milled to a fine froth, and poured upon the pudding with which it is served: when this is not done, the quantity should be increased.