Ingoldsby Christmas Puddings

6 hours.


  • Bread-crumbs, 1 lb.
  • flour, 1 lb.
  • suet, 2 lbs.
  • currants, 2 lbs.
  • raisins, 2 lbs.
  • sugar, 1 lb.
  • candied peel, Β½ lb.
  • rinds of lemon, 2
  • nutmegs, 1
  • mixed spice, Β½ oz.:
  • salt, ΒΌ teaspoonsful
  • eggs, 16
  • brandy, 4 glassesful


Mix very thoroughly one pound of finely-grated bread with the same quantity of flour, two pounds of raisins stoned, two of currant two of suet minced small, one of sugar, half a pound of candied peel, one nutmeg, half an ounce of mixed spice, and the grated rinds of two lemons; mix the whole with sixteen eggs well beaten and strained, and add four glasses of brandy. These proportions will make three puddings of good size, each of which should be boiled six hours.

Obs.β€”A fourth part of the ingredients given above, will make a pudding of sufficient size for a small party: to render this very rich, half the flour and bread-crumbs may be omitted, and a few spoonsful of apricot marmalade well blended with the remainder of the mixture.*

* Rather less liquid will be required to moisten the pudding when this is done, and four hours and a quarter will boil it.