A Brown Bread Pudding



  • Brown bread, suet, and currants, 8 oz.
  • sugar, 3 oz.
  • candied peel, 2 oz.
  • salt, ½ saltspoonful
  • ½ of small nutmeg
  • eggs, 5
  • brandy, 1 wineglassful


To half a pound of stale brown bread, finely and lightly grated, add an equal weight of suet chopped small, and of currants cleaned and dried, with half a saltspoonful of salt, three ounces of sugar, the third of a small nutmeg grated, two ounces of candied peel, five well-beaten eggs, and a glass of brandy. Mix these ingredients thoroughly, and boil the pudding in a cloth for three hours and a half. Send port wine sauce to table with it. The grated rind of a large lemon may be added to this pudding with good effect.