Lemon Suet Pudding

1 hour, brisk oven.


  • Bread-crumbs, 8 oz.
  • beef-suet, 6 oz.
  • pounded sugar, oz.
  • lemon, 1 large
  • currants, 6 oz.
  • eggs, 4 large, or 5 small:


To half a pound of finely grated bread-crumbs, add six ounces of fresh beef-kidney suet, free from skin, and minced very small, a quarter of a pound of castor sugar, six ounces of currants, the grated rind and the strained juice of a large lemon, and four full-sized or five small well-beaten eggs; pour these ingredients into a thickly-buttered pan, and bake the pudding for an hour in a brisk oven, but draw it towards the mouth when it is of a fine brown colour. Turn it from the dish before it is served, and strew sifted sugar over it or not, at pleasure: two ounces more of suet can be added when a larger proportion is liked. The pudding is very good without the currants.