Saxe-Gotha Pudding, or Tourte

½ hour.


  • Jordan almonds, 2 oz.
  • bitter almonds, 4 or 5
  • eggs, 4
  • pounded sugar, 2 oz.
  • bread-crumbs, 4 oz.
  • fresh butter, 2 oz.
  • Red currants, (or other fruit) 1 pint
  • sugar, 4 oz.:


Blanch and pound to the smoothest possible paste, a couple of ounces of Jordan almonds, and four or five bitter ones; add to them, spoonful by spoonful quite at first, four eggs which have been whisked very light; throw in gradually two ounces of pounded sugar, and then four ounces of the finest bread crumbs. Just melt, but without heating, two ounces of fresh butter, and add it in very small portions to the other ingredients, beating each well to them until it ceases to appear on the surface. Pour the paste thus prepared upon a pint of red currants, ready mixed in a tart-dish with four ounces of pounded sugar, and bake them gently for about half an hour. Raspberries and currants mixed, and Kentish or morella cherries, will make most excellent varieties of this dish: the Kentish cherries should be stoned for it, the morellas left entire. Should the paste be considered too rich, a part or the whole of the butter can be omitted; or again, it may on occasion be made without the almonds; but the reader is recommended to try the receipt in the first instance without any variation from it. The crust will be found delicious if well made. Like all mixtures of the kind it must be kept light by constant beating, as the various ingredients are added to the eggs, which should themselves be whisked to a very light froth before they are used.