Richer Rice Pudding

30 to 40 minutes, slow oven.


  • Rice, 4 oz
  • new milk, 1½ pint
  • butter, 2 oz.
  • sugar, 3 oz.
  • eggs, 4; rind of ½ lemon:


Wash very clean four ounces of whole rice, pour on it a pint and a half of new milk, and stew it slowly till quite tender; before it is taken from the fire, stir in two ounces of good butter, and three of sugar; and when it has cooled a little, add four well-whisked eggs, and the grated rind of half a lemon. Bake the pudding in a gentle oven from thirty to forty minutes. As rice requires long boiling to render it soft in milk, it may be partially stewed in water, the quantity of milk diminished to a pint, and a little thick sweet cream mixed with it, before the other ingredients are added.