A Good Sponge Cake Pudding

¾ hour.


  • Sponge cakes, 3
  • candied peel, 2 oz.
  • eggs, 6
  • new milk, 1¼ pint
  • sugar, 3 oz.
  • lemon-rind, 1
  • brandy, ½ glass
  • butter, 1 oz.
  • sifted sugar, 1½ oz.:


Slice into a well-buttered tart-dish three penny sponge biscuits, and place on them a couple of ounces of candied orange or lemon rind cut in strips. Whisk thoroughly six eggs, and stir to them boiling a pint and a quarter of new milk, in which three ounces of sugar have been dissolved; grate in the rind of a small lemon, and when they are somewhat cooled, add half a wineglassful of brandy; while still just warm, pour the mixture to the cakes, and let it remain an hour; then strain an ounce and a half of clarified butter over the top, or strew pounded sugar rather thickly on it, and bake the pudding three quarters of an hour or longer in a gentle oven.