Very Rich Raspberry Jam or Marmalade


No. 1

  • fine raspberries:5 minutes. Sugar, nearly or quite equal weight: 15 to 20 minutes.

No. 2

  • Raspberry-juice, 1 lbs.
  • ripe raspberries, 3 lbs. (or 4):10 minutes. To each pound of fruit and juice,
  • sugar ¾ lbs.:10 to 15 minutes.


No. 1.—Weigh the finest fruit that can be procured, and bruise it with the back of a wooden spoon after it is put into the preserving-pan. Boil it gently, keeping it well turned, for about five minutes, then stir to it gradually nearly or quite its weight of dry pounded sugar, and continue the boiling rather rapidly for a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, and be careful to remove all the scum as it rises. The preserve will be clear, smooth, and very thick when it is sufficiently boiled, and should then be taken from the pan without delay, as it will very quickly set.

No. 2.—Draw gently from the smallest of the raspberries from half to a whole pound of juice, and boil down in this three pounds of the fruit, after it has been crushed with a spoon as usual. In ten minutes, if the fruit be quite ripe, the sugar may be added. three pounds to four of the raspberries and their juice, will make a quite sweet preserve. It should be gradually stirred in until dissolved, and not be allowed to boil during the time. Ten or fifteen minutes will then suffice generally to bring it to the proper degree for jellying firmly.

Obs.—All fruit jams are much improved by the addition of a certain portion of juice to the fruit which is boiled down they then partake more of the nature of jelly.