Nursery Preserve


  • Kentish cherries, 2 lbs.: 20 minutes.
  • Raspberries, red currants, and white currants, of each lbs.: 20 minutes.
  • Sugar, lbs.: 15 minutes.


Take the stones from a couple of pounds of Kentish cherries, and boil them twenty minutes; then add to them a pound and a half of raspberries, and an equal quantity of red and of white currants, all weighed after they have been cleared from their stems. Boil these together quickly for twenty minutes; mix with them three pounds and a quarter of common sugar, and give the preserve fifteen minutes more of quick boiling. a pound and a half of gooseberries may be substituted for the cherries; but they will not require any stewing; before they are added to the other fruits. The jam must be well stirred from the beginning, or it will burn to the pan.